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Welcome to eurypterids.co.uk, an online resource of eurypterid data and research. Here I aim to compile information and data on these extinct creatures in an easily accessable, online format. Summaries in new advances in eurypterid research or updates to the site are shown below. If you want further information, or wish to discuss my research with me, feel free to send me an email.

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It's been a very busy summer, with a conference in Prague and a number of paper edits having to be done, however next week I head to Chicago to look at the collections in the Field Museum there. I hope to have some more photographs of specimens once I'm done so that I can put a few more bits on the website. In the mean time my 'about me' page has been updated to include my latest talks and papers, and a new paper redescribing a number of eurypterids from the Devonian of Siberia has been published.

Thanks to Javier too for pointing out that the webring code was broken and kept forwarding visitors away from the page. This should hopefully be fixed now.


A new paper dealing with some eurypterid taxonomic issues has been published, and can be found here


The University of Kansas Paleontological Institute, for who I work on editing figures for the various Treatise volumes, now has a facebook page! The Institute is responsible for producing the Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology, along with the open access Paleontological Contributions, and the page will provide updates on these projects along with information on staff and ways to contact them for information. Please visit the page by clicking here, and remember to 'like' it!


This month my monograph finally made it into print. I also have a number of other projects that I hope to see published this year, including some more updates to the website.

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Eurypterus tetragonophthalmus, from Ernst Haeckel's Kunstformen der Natur (1904)

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